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January 01 2015

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December 30 2013

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Day 0
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October 20 2013

Metalab's phonebooth


August 11 2013

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"To test your IQ, set the dial to 'vaporize', touch the electrode and press the red button"
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August 10 2013

Ohm2013 FPV

from fpv dresden

August 06 2013

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Hmmm, natürlich krieg ich Zimmer 42. Ich hoffe mal nicht, daß das Frage und Antwort zum Leben, Universum und dem Rest ist: "Welche Zimmernummer hatte Cavac in Amsterdam nach der OHM2013?"  "42"...
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August 05 2013

OHM2013 by xbouwman
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August 04 2013

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Amalettomat Pancake 1337
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Amalettomat - full run in OHM2013 config.
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Train ride to Amsterdam
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"Cavac has left the phone booth."

Cavac signing off from OHM2013. See you all at Chaos Communication Camp 2015!
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OHM2013 is over, my things are packed. It was an honor and a pleasure meeting you all!
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Home sweet Home!
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Birds fly over the rainbow.
Why then, oh why can't I?
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Shutting down the automated praying machine...
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Just leaked: LeiwandVille secret world domination plans. 

(HiRes version will follow in a few days...)
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Zwax working on his Amalettomat
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"Andi, we need more power!"

"I'm giving her all she's got!"
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Amateur radio link via satellite to another continent.
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Students at our "Become a five star pancake chef in five minutes" cooking/debugging tutorial.
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